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Special Types

  • Eye/Nose
  • 골드
  • PCL+비타민C
  • PDO+HA
Type Needle Thread
Type Gauge Length Length USP
Eye PDO L-Type 30G 25/38mm 7-0
Eye PCL L-Type 30G 25/38mm 7-0
Nose PDO L-Type 19G 38/50mm 2
Nose PCL L-Type 19G 38/50mm 2
Type Needle Thread
Type Gauge Length Length USP
Gold mono BC 27G 60mm
29G 38/50mm
Gold cog BC 18/19G 100mm

99.99% pure gold is coated on the surface of the thread which is used for imbedding therapy. This is the thread which is composed of PDO(Polydioxanone) with non-size gold(purity of 99%) on the same thickness.

Effectiveness of Gold

gold thread features-01.jpg

Type Needle Thread
Type Gauge Length Length USP
PCL+Vitamin C MONO Back Cut (BC) 29G 38mm 54mm 6-0
26G 60mm 84mm 5-0

PCL+Vitamin C thread is excellent at anti-aging as PCL stimulates collagen production and Vitamin C is essential for synthesis of collagen. Moreover, Vitamin C has a strong anti-oxidant effect and prevents cells from aging as it prevents cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. Also, Vitamin C has skin whitening effect as it inhibits melanin production and evens out skin tone and lightens dark spots.


trq pcl vitamin C 002-01.jpg

PDO+Haluronic Acid

PDO+HA thread is excellent for both anti-aging and moisturizing. With intense studies on drug delivery system, we have carefully selected HA as a functional material that is proven to be safe and effective when embedded in PDO thread. PDO+HA thread is embedded with 1% of hyaluronic acid which is constantly released as PDO is absorbed in the skin tissue over time. While the benefits of PDO thread, anti-aging and lifting, are remained the same, HA provides hydration and revitalization effects. Unlike coating method where the moistruizing effect is only temporary as the HA coated over the thread is absorbed right away, mixed distribution allows continous effects as HA is released constantly while PDO thread is absorbed.




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